Level up your Excel Exports

Send CSV to the cloudXLS API and receive a valid xls(x) file.

  • Works with all versions of Excel
  • Handles character encodings and I18n
  • Export to multiple sheets
  • Filter boxes and other Excel features
  • Supports cell formatting

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Create sophisticated Excel Reports

CloudXLS merges your data into an Excel file and updates formulas and charts. Create complex Excel reports that will delight your marketing department.

Excel writer api

Excel metrics dashboards

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What is wrong with CSV and other hacks?


  • Excel does not import Unicode/UTF-8 CSV.
  • User cannot always double-click.
  • No control over formatting your data.
  • Only able to import one sheet at once.

HTML tables

  • Opens very slowly: 60 secs for 50,000 cells.
  • Won't open in other software, e.g. Tableau, Google Docs.
  • Limited formatting.
  • Single sheet only.

How cloudXLS works

Send CSV files to cloudXLS API and it returns a proper xls or xlsx file.

Csv to excel simple

Add a xls(x) file and cloudXLS merges the data and updates formulas.

Csv to excel with template


We take your data security serious. The system is engineered that all your data is stored in memory and never touches any physical disks. Your Excel files are wiped after download or a user-defined cache timeout.

For ultimate security we offer a server license so you can run our servers in your datacenter.